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Melissa Urban, co-founder of the Whole30, and Coach Greg, 2019

Melissa Urban and Greg Goodlander 2019

Testimonials: Success with Coach Greg

Because I'm in the health and nutrition industry myself, I wouldn't pick just any coach. I chose to work with Greg because of his dedication, knowledge and passion for the Whole 30 diet. I had a wonderful experience working with Greg, I could tell that he really cared about me during the process. He would check in and help me through the tough times, because you can expect those along the journey! He makes you feel secure during the process, giving meal ideas, dining out tricks and so many other extremely useful tips. I highly recommend working with Greg and know you will be in great hands. He is a Whole 30 expert, I stand behind that! Thank you Greg!

-April Murray RDN, CLT, Costa Mesa, California


Greg introduced me to Whole30 in 2017, I did my first Whole30 when my second baby was only 3 months old. Greg guided me and introduced me to brands that made my Whole30 experience easier to navigate, he pointed me towards the resources, cook books etc that had helped to get him started on his Whole30 journey. He is very knowledgeable about the program and a supportive accountability partner.

-Anna B., Huntington Beach, California


Greg has been a huge help to me on my three Whole 30 challenges.  He is supportive and encouraging, and has given me great ideas or simply a new perspective to address whatever struggles I have encountered along the way.  I appreciate in particular how he follows up a day or two after we have spoken, to ask whether an issue has improved or give additional support and ideas.  Greg is uniquely qualified to help those that may have additional dietary limitations, as he himself is a pescatarian and has come up with delicious and compliant meal ideas without using meat.  I find Greg’s personality lively, fun, and upbeat.  He is genuinely curious about other people.  I felt my success was his success, it truly mattered to him how I was doing physically and emotionally throughout my Whole 30 challenges. 

-Julie M., Bishop, California


I spent over a month debating whether I was going to do a round of Whole 30. Greg supported me through the entire process. From research and understanding why to recipes and daily check ins, he was there every step of the way! I won’t say it was easy, but it was definitely more fun having him in my corner. I’m proud to say it was my first whole 30 but definitely not my last! 

-Sharon M., Orange, California


I decided to work with Greg because I liked his low-key approach. This was my fourth Whole30. I didn’t want hand holding and instruction. I wanted someone who would check in with me. I wanted a human connection with someone who understood the Whole30. Greg was really helpful. We texted usually once a day. Each exchange was a brief check-in to make sure I was doing okay. I sometimes shared my challenges but often I shared my successes and my feelings of, “I can do this.” It’s amazing how such a connection can make a difference. Knowing there was someone out there rooting for me had a big impact in helping me complete my fourth Whole30. Thanks Greg!

-David C., Massachusetts


Greg is enthusiastic about the program, its tenets, and its possibilities for himself, for me, and for others. Our lives and the lives of many others he brought to Whole30 have been positively altered for good. Personally, I know that my life is better and healthier because of Whole30, and I personally owe that all to Greg.

-Mike B., Lake Forest, California


Greg coached me through my first Whole 30 experience and he was awesome! Not only did he provide endless encouragement and daily check-ins, he also gave me some great recipe ideas and product tips. He knows the Whole 30 program very thoroughly and helped make my journey manageable and purposeful. He even checks on me now, though I’m not currently doing a 30 day challenge, just to see how my eating is going and how I am feeling.  I so appreciated having Greg as my Whole 30 coach and anyone would be lucky to have him guide them along the way. 

-Andrea R., Irvine, California


I could not have made it through without Greg’s support. He was always there when I had questions about Whole30 compliance and substitutions for my more unhealthy choices. Greg often shows me what he’s eating and inspires me to make more complicated Whole30 meals. There are moments in Whole30 where we all get grumpy but I was able to reach out to Greg to get motivation and inspiration to keep going.

-Jes B., Anaheim Hills, California

Pescatarian and Plant-Based Certified

As a Whole30 Certified Coach, I pride myself in specializing in the pescatarian lifestyle. Whether I am doing a Whole30 or not, I am committed to eating (a lot) of fish and seafood, and no other meat. I have completed a vegetarian reset, and I am happy to coach with confidence anyone wanting to do a Plant-Based Whole30. My reasons for pescetarianism are related to my belief system, economics, ethics, and my own personal health needs. However, I pass no judgement on meat-eaters. In fact, I often cook meat for my family. Most of my own Whole30s were completed as an omnivore.

I am a Plant-Based Whole30 Coach who loves supporting anyone doing this amazing program.

What is the Whole30?

The Whole30 is a transformative experience in which you drastically alter your diet and habits for thirty days (or more) to better understand your relationship with food, health, and wellness. There are specific rules and guidelines. Having completed many Whole30s myself, I am excited to work with you to achieve success. To find out more about the Whole30, click here.

If you are interested in a Plant-Based Whole30, click here.

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